Nieuw Binnen op 6 juli

Blow Your Bubblegum – v/a  (’25 hot and wild Brit Beat Groovers’)
Bonehead Crushers vol 2 – v/a (vinyl)
Cheap Freaks – bury them all (op Dirtnap. ‘garage rock / touches of Detroit’s ’70s /some modern punk’n’roll. Catchy and energetic’
Drink and the Devil: blues roots of the White Stripes – v/a (vinyl. Mooie comp)
Eccentric Soul: a RBG collection – v/a (cd en lp; Numero)
Guided By Voices – class clown spots a ufo (goedkopere vinyl versie nu)
Havas, Lianna La – is your love big enough (deluxe)
Hiatt, John – collected (3cd)
Hit Men – Fredric Dannen (geweldig boek! lekker goedkoop.Must Read!)
International Vicious Society vol 6 – v/a (vinyl; lekkere gekkigheid)
Lost Sounds – lost (op Goner. ‘rare and unreleased’)
Midnite Snaxxx – s/t (vinyl; trashy garagepunk; ‘The promise  the Donnas made but didn’t keep. It’s REAL KIDS and BIG STAR but with a girls touch’)
Mrs Magician – s/t (cd en vinyl. Op Swami. ‘Music for connoisseurs of fuzz, distortion, echo and reverb’)
No Fx – my stepdad’s a cop (7″)
Pop. 1280 – thirteen steps (7″)
Rhythm Shack – v/a (vinyl; mooie comp! ‘Great R&B, black rockers and early soul’
Riverboat Gamblers – wolf you feed
Shindig! juli 2012 (tijdschrift)
Tankian, Serj – harakiri
White Fence – green balloon (7″)

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